Robofied: Towards Singularity

About us

Robofied is a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence platform based in Gurugram,Haryana working towards democratizing safe artificial intelligence towards a common goal of Singularity. At Robofied, we are doing research in speech, natural language, and machine learning. We develop open-source solutions for developers which empowers them so that they can make better products for the world. We educate people about Artificial Intelligence, its scope and impact via resources and tutorials.

We discuss foundations, state-of-the-art bleeding-edge techniques, and resources!

Our Story

We’re a team of Research Scientists, Machine Learning Engineers, AI experts and consultants. We use our technologies and expertise for benefitting common masses and to empower the nextgen developers round the globe in order to solve critical challenges persisting in the way our goal towards Singularity.


Our consulting services for applying Machine Learning Research based solutions can help students realize opportunities emerge from implementing our crafted AI solutions to your ideas and business visions. We are a team of experienced consultants, industry leaders and Data Scientists.


Our AI capabilities range from Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Science, Natural Language Processing and Text based Analysis, Speech driven Applications, Computer Vision and Process Automation. Our work exists in industry verticals such as Fintech, Healthcare, Marketing & Sales, Cybersecurity etc.